Limited Run Games releases Star Wars NES and Game Boy in toy cases

What are some really well beloved Star Wars games? The KOTOR games, of course. Dark Forces and its various Jedi spinoffs. Maybe the Super Star Wars series on SNES if you love punishment. But Limited Run Games has decided to re-release physical copies of the NES and Game Boy copies of Star Wars. That’s, uh, a thing.

As you can see, they come in packaging reminiscent of the ’70s toys for maximum nostalgia value. But honestly, that makes no sense to me either. These games didn’t release in 1977. This all just feels desperate and haphazard to me. There are super fans who will buy this (the ones that haven’t sworn off the series after The Last Jedi), so I understand why Limited Run Games is doing this. But I personally don’t see the value, especially when these games aren’t even well-remembered.

Star Wars NES and Game Boy in all their contrived retro-ness will release in two limited batches on June 28 at 10 a.m. and 6 p.m. ET respectively. Star Wars: Bounty Hunter (another random one, but more understandable) will also re-release at that time for PlayStation 4. You can’t accuse Limited Run Games of not having a good hustle with its business. Props for that.


John Friscia
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