Malinda Chan Link cosplay Breath of the Wild cosplay

The Legend of Zelda fandom has been going nonstop since the release of Breath of the Wild, and the cosplay community is no different. With a wide variety of characters and armor sets to choose from, there’s something for every cosplayer in this game. Malinda Chan is no exception to this fact.

Armed with her amazing wig styling and meticulous sewing skills, she equipped Breath of the Wild Link in early 2018. This Link shows amazing attention to detail, from the top-stitching on the white details in the tunic to the patterned arm wraps. This costume is nothing short of a masterpiece! And thus still worth showing off a year later.

While known for her work with wigs, Malinda Chan has grown through practice and hard work across the vast skill sets that make up cosplay. Cosplay is for everyone and is one way that fans can show support for their favorite games, TV shows, and movies. Never be afraid to learn something new, because that’s how you go from novice to pro!

What do you think about this Link cosplay? Show some love in the comments and be sure to check back for even more cosplay showcases!

Nwyfre G.


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