Little Town Hero

Game Freak has shown off 20 minutes of gameplay footage from Little Town Hero, focusing on the initial combat tutorials. The gameplay and commentary are in Japanese, but the prompts on screen were simplistic enough to decipher. If you had trouble figuring out exactly what kind of RPG Little Town Hero might be, there was one vital clue missing from all previous trailers. At one point during the presentation, the words TCG (Trading Card Game) appeared on the screen. That’s when it all clicked.

Inspired combat mechanics

It all starts with the player’s resource energy. After “drawing” a new move at the beginning of the turn, the player has to spend these energy points to unlock that ability. The more powerful the move, the more points it costs. The opponent also draws new moves, so keeping your resources in check becomes a key part of the strategy.

Most abilities have an attack or defense value, used to clash against the opponent and beat out theirs. However, Little Town Hero also has synergistic elements, where you can use one ability to boost another. Additionally, the player can call upon fellow townfolk by moving around the town via dice rolls. The townsfolk use those same resource points, but they can basically act as an extra option.

Not the genre we suspected

By the end of the 20 minutes of gameplay, my mind was buzzing with all kinds of comparisons. Magic: The Gathering was at the forefront of the list, and I’d be lying if that didn’t rekindle my interest in this game. Add in a healthy dose of plot and Toby Fox’s music, and you’ve got a potential winner in my book.

Little Town Hero releases on Oct 16, and I can’t wait to get my hands on it. I know card games aren’t going to be everyone’s thing, but let us know what you think in the comments.


Cody Morris
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