Little Town Hero Masao Taya Game Freak 10-20 hour length

Little Town Hero director Masao Taya of Game Freak talked to NintendoLife about the pending release of his game on Wednesday, Oct. 16, and he cleared the air on some of the game’s key aspects. Taya has programmed all the battle systems for Pokémon games since Pokémon Black and White, and he directed Pocket Card Jockey for Nintendo 3DS, which released to highly positive reception. But creating a new IP with its own story in an RPG setting has been a thrill for Taya, and the new details about the game sound promising.

Chiefly, according to Taya, “for people who catch on to the battle system quickly, about 10-12 hours. If it takes a little longer to understand the system, you’re looking closer to 15-20 hours.” He emphasizes that Little Town Hero is “not an adventure game with huge maps,” and you can only walk around the game’s village. This all goes along with the game’s goal of being “created from our desire to create an RPG that challenges the player and can be completed in a short amount of time.”

Per our previous suspicions, the Little Town Hero combat system is indeed inspired directly by digital CCGs (collectible card games). Taya chose this route because it afforded possibilities to play strategically and in ways where simply using the strongest ability available over and over (like in Dragon Quest) could not win a fight.

The more we learn about Little Town Hero, the more excited we get. How are you feeling about Game Freak’s big new Nintendo Switch title that isn’t a Pokémon game?


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