Little Town Hero

Game Freak’s upcoming RPG that isn’t Pokémon has left a few people, like me, scratching their heads. This trailer for Little Town Hero goes a little more in-depth than what we saw in the Nintendo Direct last week. The new trailer spends a little more time with characters, combat, and even shows off a few new monster designs.

Director Masao Taya is a veteran Pokémon battle programmer, but this combat system in Little Town Hero is a brand new beast. The player character, Axe, uses his ideas to fight back against mysterious monsters. In each one-on-one battle, the player and monster both pick from command wheels. It looks like the monster will always telegraph its attack, meaning that the player gets a tactical advantage, but I’m sure it’s not that simple. Attacks have multiple different stats and attributes, and even a perfect attack might still let some damage come your way. It looks like a game of tactical risk.

The player can also move across the town itself during battles. By moving to an area with an ally, the player can gain new advantages over the monsters by activating the ally’s effects. In this trailer, we see a townsperson setting up a cannon that Axe then has to activate on his turn. Little Town Hero will also have a skill tree system. 

What do you think of Little Town Hero? Does the trailer sell you on tactical elements, or do you still need some convincing? Little Town Hero launches Oct. 17.


Cody Morris
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