Littlewood launched on Switch a few months ago, but physical collectors will be happy to know that the game is now set to get a physical release on Switch, courtesy of Super Rare Games. 4,000 copies of the town-building RPG will be produced. Pre-orders go live on August 5 at 1 PM ET over at

Those who are lucky enough to snag one of these elusive physical copies will find quite a few goodies in the package. In addition to all current Littlewood content coming on the cart, players will also receive a full-color manual, some interior artwork, a snazzy exclusive sticker, and three trading cards (randomly chosen from a five-card set). Super Rare anticipates that they will ship the games soon after putting them on sale.

If you haven’t heard of Littlewood, it’s got quite an interesting premise. The game’s developer, Sean Young, decided to make a town-building game that takes place after you’ve already saved the world. Instead, the game follows its protagonist as they attempt to rebuild their town and cultivate relationships that are key to unlocking forgotten memories. Despite its inspiration from RPGs like Dark CloudLittlewood has no combat, and instead focuses on tying an engaging system of player progression to the town you are attempting to build.

Are you interested in grabbing Super Rare’s latest physical Switch game? Have you had a chance to try the game out already? What do you think of all of the bonus content? Let us know in the comment section below.

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