The curious case of the gyroid appearing in past screenshots has finally been solved – the Lloid Rocket has been confirmed as one of Villager’s special moves, one that is interchangeable in usage and provides varying degrees of power and speed.


\”Pic of the day. The Villager’s special attack, the Lloid Rocket, is a projectile weapon like no other — you can either launch it or ride on it. When you fire it off, keep pressing the button to hop aboard — you can even control its speed. It’s more powerful when you\’re riding it.\”

As Sakurai explains, quite the interesting move! This attack comes as both an offensive and recovery/movement option, depending on how Villager applies the attack. This creates a unique mix-up that forces your opponent to weigh their options based on whether you launch the rocket or take it for a joyride. It will certainly be a recovery option much like Luigi or Pikachu’s side-B attacks, too.

Weird, though, that Lloid has now become a rocket when that has never been the function of the gyroid, but hey, the Villager knows what’s best to bring to the fight. This multi-functional move seems like a great fit for the adaptable Villager, but will the move be useful enough both as a recovery move and as an offensive option? The ability to control the rocket’s speed seems to give the move more viability, but will there then be a lot of start up time or ending lag to compensate? We\’ll have to wait to find out.


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