Lonely Mountains: Downhill dropped on Nintendo Switch back in May, delivering a fine downhill biking experience. It takes some time to get used to the way the bikes handle, but once you do, a relaxing experience awaits. However, the team at Megagon Industries evidently wasn’t completely satisfied, as a major Lonely Mountains: Downhill update has been deployed.

Not only does version 1.1.2 fix a number of bugs, but brand new features have also been added. New hints and tutorial pointers have been implemented for first-time players in the Daily Ride and DLC modes for a start. Speaking of Daily Ride, the mode is now locked until you finish the first trail on Graterhorn in Explorer mode. The game also warns players if they try and start a daily ride within five minutes of its scheduled end time.


Elsewhere, a number of time trial display changes has been made. Most of them seem to focus on distractions while trying to compete for a best time. The game has removed your personal best times from checkpoints when playing in Daily Ride, while also removing the ability to see overall best times for each section while riding.

For those of you who keep up with seasons in Lonely Mountains: Downhill, the developer has added an update to show how long is remaining in a current season, as detailed via publisher Thunderful.

Are you still playing Lonely Mountains: Downhill?


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