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After receiving an official website this past February, Lords of Exile has finally arrived on Kickstarter, seeking $13,090 USD. The game comes from solo Spanish developer CZAzuaga (Carlos Zamora Azuaga), operating as Squidbit Works. Lords of Exile is an action-packed 8-bit platforming sidescroller inspired by Castlevania and anime that brings plenty of nice touches of its own.

You play as Sir Gabriel, a cursed knight seeking revenge on the evil Galagar for murdering his wife and bringing devastation to the land of Exilia. But in order to get his hands on Galagar, Gabriel must first defeat the seven lords of exile.

Lords of Exile could be a retro delight in the making on Kickstarter

Lords of Exile promises the following features (and I love how many exclamation points there are):

  • 8 levels in a classic linear design with powerful end-of-zone bosses!
  • Throwing weapons, melee combat, down stab, jump, dashing… and more!
  • Use the 3 powers of  the shadows of Gabriel’s curse!
  •  16-bit physics with a great retro feel and perfectly polished and integrated controls!
  • Polished handcrafted 8-bit pixel art and fast animations in an awesome anime style.
  •  8-bit SFX and OST enriched with some sounds from the Megadrive sound chip!

The Lords of Exile Kickstarter trailer does a fantastic job of illustrating all of the above in action. In particular, it’s cool that Gabriel has a slightly higher level of agility than the average Castlevania Belmont, with downward stabs and sliding. He can also invoke three special powers with unique effects, being damage-dealing, protection, and healing respectively. But Gabriel has less fancy abilities too, being able to throw knives, scythes, and (why not?) double-bladed scythes.

If you love classic Castlevania, it seems like Lords of Exile is everything you could ask for. CZAzuaga, who has about 12 years of solo game development experience, really seems to be investing all of his skills into this project. I hope we hear a lot more from Squidbit Works and that this game gets funded sooner rather than later.

Lords of Exile is formally planned for Nintendo Switch and Steam, and negotiations are ongoing to bring the game to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.


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