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Nintendo Enthusiast has been following the development of Lords of Exile since the beginning, because it looks like a high-quality riff on classic Castlevania gameplay from solo Spanish developer Carlos Zamora Azuaga at Squidbit Works. However, quality takes time, and to ensure the best possible experience across PC and consoles, Azuaga has decided to delay Lords of Exile to a Q3 2021 release date window. Originally, the game was scheduled to launch this month.

Despite the pandemic, Lords of Exile had a terrifically successful Kickstarter last May, raising over €31,000 or about $37,144. If you’ve been following the game on Twitter, you would see it has undergone several improvements already since then, including a redesigned sprite for protagonist Gabriel and plenty of gameplay flourishes. There hasn’t been a full-blown new trailer lately, but you can take a look at some work in progress below.

Lords of Exile is promising eight levels, lots of mobility options like dashing and downward stabs, three powers stemming from “Gabriel’s curse,” music from the likes of Streets of Rage composer Yuzo Koshiro, and of course high-quality 8-bit pixel art (putting it in good company with Cyber Shadow). It sounds like a pretty good package.

Following its delay, Lords of Exile will find its release date somewhere in Q3 2021 on Nintendo Switch and PC via Steam, with PlayStation 4 and Xbox One also being a possibility.

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