Dark Roast Entertainment have announced what will be included in the next update for their debut Wii U eShop game, Lucadian Chronicles.

Client Version 1.02

Bug Fixes

More general stability changes.
Fixed issue where taking screenshot via built-in Miiverse button could result in dark, washed-out image.
Fixed clicking through resources quickly making them not register in UI.
Fixed some sound skipping / stuttering issues.
Fixed music cutting out in some cases involved poison counters.
Added more messaging to 4-player draft to make it more clear what is happening in the case where you are waiting for other players to finish.
Fixed \”winner\” text in draft sometimes appearing next to person who lost.
Fixed issue with daily challenge timer.


Battle animations – melee units now ram into other units, and ranged units fire projectiles. We did this to make battle look better and also add clarity – it should now be a little more obvious that heroes attack enemies closest to opposite of them.
League matching changes – leagues now work a bit differently in a few ways. You will no longer be matched up with people outside of your league, or not battle someone in your league. Now leagues don\’t start until enough people join or a certain amount of time passes – after that each person in a league battles each other person twice. We will keep an eye on leagues and adjust the timing, minimum number of entrants, etc, if needed.
League tiers – players who do well in bronze leagues can now be promoted to silver leagues. Silver leagues will have tougher competition but also higher rewards.
You can now hold down the B button during evolution animation to speed it up.
We\’ve added the ability to schedule special drafts with better rewards. We want to do our best to ensure that people can find players to play against, so we\’ll look to use these drafts to schedule times that people can congregate around.

Lucadian Chronicles is a free-to-play card-based RPG. The game offers over 100 unique cards, each viewable in hi-res in true 1080p. It will also supports Off-TV Play and has built in Miiverse support. Comment on each challenge in the single-player campaign and your posts will appear on other players’ maps, or share your opinion on individual cards in your collection.


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