Luigi's Mansion 3

Luigi’s Mansion 3 was one of the Switch’s most impressive titles of 2019, earning plenty of accolades against a crowded year of gaming. While the star of the show was the sprawling single-player hotel crawl, the impressive multiplayer suite was surprisingly addictive. Between the cooperative survival mode in ScareScraper and a few competitive minigames at the ScreamPark, Luigi’s Mansion 3 is a solid multiplayer title that I’ve revisited time and time again since checking out of the haunted hotel. Now, Nintendo is making good on its promise to bolster that multiplayer experience with DLC. The game’s first DLC pack is out now, adding some tricked out ScareScraper floors and three new ScreamPark minigames to the fray. Get a quick overview with the trailer below, courtesy of Nintendo’s YouTube channel.

ScareScraper’s add-ons include three new costumes–Groovigi, Mummigi, and The Green Knight–each of which comes with a matching theme for specialized floors and ghosts. I’m excited to give these a look, as they should zest up the standard ScareScraping experience, but I’m a little more interested in the new ScreamPark additions, which double the park’s size from three minigames to six. I’m a sucker (get it?) for minigames, and these all look pretty fun. Tricky Ghost Brawl adds some much-needed challenge to the ghost-catching minigame, Dodge Brawl looks like lots of stupid fun, and River Bank seems like a tense coin-collector game that’ll be worth diving into every now and again.

The first of two DLC packs for Luigi’s Mansion 3, this add-on costs $9.99 and is available on Switch now. Will you be checking it out?

Andrew Rockett
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