Luigi's Mansion 3 easter eggs

Luigi’s Mansion 3 is out today. Millions of players are about to have their pants charmed off by an absolutely excellent game that everyone should be giving a look. The series, known for its ghostly combat, is also wonderful for its exploration, and the newest title in the series does not deviate. Investigating hidden nooks and crannies has always rewarded sleuthy players with cash, collectibles, and more. On one particular floor in the game’s haunted hotel, watchful ghost hunters will notice what appear to be references to two Nintendo franchises that have not been heard from since the Wii days. If you would rather not have any Luigi’s Mansion 3 easter eggs spoiled for you, then you should back out now (and you probably should not have clicked on the article in the first place, but I still appreciate it). Otherwise, read on.

Early on in the hotel’s eighth floor, Paranormal Studios, Luigi walks down a hallway lined with fictional movie posters. Two of the posters look awfully familiar. One poster has a central character who looks a lot like Mario lining up to kick a ball, with an electrified bright orange background that furthers the resemblance to Mario Strikers Charged. At the end of the hallway, meanwhile, is a boxing-themed poster starring pretty clear stand-ins for Little Mac and his coach, Doc Louis. Both Punch-Out!! and the Super Mario Strikers series are prior Wii projects by Next Level Games, so the developer likely placed these Luigi’s Mansion 3 easter eggs in the game as a way to celebrate their past work. Check them out for yourself below!

Luigi's Mansion 3 easter eggs

Luigi's Mansion 3 easter eggs

It is a bit tough to center the posters in the middle of the screen with the game’s stationary camera, but they’re pretty in focus here. Pretty keen resemblance, right? While these posters most likely have no meaning beyond being fun Luigi’s Mansion 3 easter eggs, it is still nice to see each series acknowledged. Mario Strikers is in particularly dire need of revival, though, and with Next Level Games recently freed up, it might be time for them to get on that, don’t you think?

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