Luigi's Mansion 3 DLC

If you’ve enjoyed the multiplayer components of Luigi’s Mansion 3, some new content will be coming your way soon, via paid DLC. The appropriately titled Luigi’s Mansion 3 Multiplayer Pack will be launching in two waves and will provide new content for both the ScareScraper and ScreamPark modes.

Launching sometime prior to April 30th, the first part of this pack contains three new minigames for ScreamPark, three new room themes for ScareScraper, and six themed ghosts. In addition, Luigi himself will be able to dress up in a small variety of new costumes to match the new themes, including a knight, a mummy, and (my favorite by far) a funky, pompadour-touting disco dude. Though we have no details on what is planned for the second wave, Nintendo revealed that it is scheduled to launch prior to July 31st.

The Luigi’s Mansion 3 Multiplayer Pack is available to pre-purchase now for $9.99. While some may see this as a little on the high side at first, this purchase will give you both parts of the pack as they launch. Those who order the DLC also get the bonus Flashlight Type-P for use in-game, which illuminates in the shape of Polterpup on the walls of the haunted hotel. This flashlight will be available immediately for use upon purchase, though you must have unlocked the Gallery in order to access it.

Are you excited to dive into Luigi’s Mansion 3 DLC? What would you like to see come in the second wave of content?


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