Luigi's Mansion 3 debut sales

Eighteen years ago, Nintendo launched a new IP on GameCube. Instead of yet another Mario-led adventure, Nintendo decided to focus on the other brother. Luigi’s ghost-busting adventure ended up being a surprise hit, selling over 3 million copies. The series lie dormant for years, but it was revied with a sequel and a remake on 3DS. Then, just this Halloween, Nintendo launched Luigi’s Mansion 3 on Nintendo Switch. According to the early sales data, it’s off to a hot start!

Luigi’s Mansion 3 US debut

The NPD Group recently released its October report, highlighting software and hardware sales in the US. According to Mat Piscatella, Luigi’s Mansion 3 had better debut sales than any previous game in the franchise.

Strong sales globally

We don’t have exact numbers yet, but considering it launched on the last day of the month, Luigi’s Mansion 3 is killing it! We also know that it’s performing well in Japan. It sold over 150,000 copies at launch in its home country, then moved another 54,000+ in its second week. We also previously reported that it had the strongest launch of any Nintendo game in the UK in 2019. It looks like Luigi is a star all around the world! He deserves it for summoning the courage to fight those ghosts.

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