Luigi's Mansion 3

Nintendo recently confirmed plans for Luigi’s Mansion 3 post-launch DLC through the Switch eShop. The game’s store page now plainly states, “Paid DLC will come to Luigi’s Mansion 3 in the future, adding new content to the ScareScaper and ScreamPark!” There is currently no further information on how much the DLC will cost or what it will entail, be it spooky new enemies, terrifying new mansions to prowl, or, I don’t know, new skins for Gooigi?

Nintendo has dove headfirst into DLC for several of its first-party titles on Switch–free updates were fairly common in multiplayer games like Splatoon 2, ARMS, and Mario Tennis Aces. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild had an expansion pass, and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is keeping things fresh with a drip-feed of new fighters. Glaringly, two of the titles most deserving of post-launch content, Super Mario Odyssey and Super Mario Party, have not received any significant updates. We now know that Luigi’s Mansion 3 will not last long in that latter category, for better or for worse.

What do you think of Luigi’s Mansion 3 being slated for DLC already? Many people are turned off at the idea of DLC being planned before a game even comes out, but I frankly do not mind. DLC is a great way to keep multiplayer games interesting for a long time, and Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon’s ScareScraper was seriously underrated.

Andrew Rockett
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