Luigi's Mansion 3

According to Nintendo producer Kensuke Tanabe, Luigi’s Mansion 3 was initially a Wii U prototype. During a stream of Luigi’s Mansion 3 gameplay via Nintendo Treehouse: Live, Tanabe explained that Next Level Games created some of Luigi’s new moves while “working on the Wii U version” of the game.


In the above video, Kensuke Tanabe details Next Level Games’ decision to add new abilities for Luigi to harness in his latest adventure. Tanabe explained:

I always mention this to Next Level Games when we start working on a new game. When we’re creating a new game, we always want to include some sort of new element. These moves were actually something we came up with when we were working on the Wii U version, and something that Next Level Games came up with. When they made a prototype and let us use Slam and Burst, it was just so satisfying when you played it. So, when we saw this, we said ‘Well, the game’s pretty much done.’ [laughs]

This confirms previous rumors that circulated years ago about a Luigi’s Mansion game releasing for the Wii U. It also shouldn’t be too surprising. Nintendo’s last console, which had its fair share of solid first-party titles, had a life-cycle of roughly five years before being replaced with the Nintendo Switch. With its low sales, bulky controller, and odd naming/marketing choices, it’s no wonder Luigi’s Mansion 3 was repurposed for another console.

Luigi’s Mansion 3 is set to launch sometime in 2019, and promises new additions that drastically alter the formula for prior entries, including Slam and Burst attacks, and that green Jello-O-like entity, Gooigi. Read what our own Aric Sweeny had to say about the upcoming game (Spoilers: he loved it), and stay tuned for more coverage of the title from Nintendo Enthusiast.


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