Are you in the market for a new Nintendo Switch console? Then your favorite school lunch period meal is here for you! Yes, Lunchables, purveyors of processed meats, is partnering with the Big N for a Switch giveaway this fall. Sound familiar? It should because this has happened before.

I was always more interested in Lunchables’ dessert and beverage options than the main course

How does this latest promotion differ from the ones before? This time, there are 750 prize packs to be awarded instead of 500. Also, the games on offer will differ.

To enter the contest, one must procure a specially marked Lunchables box, which will feature characters from Switch titles like Animal Crossing: New Horizons and The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening. A code will be nestled between the snacks which can be redeemed online to win a prize. The victors will receive a Nintendo Switch system with two downloadable game codes of their choice.

Lunchables is throwing a bone to some customers who don’t win a prize pack when they enter their ciphers. Lucky shoppers may obtain 100 My Nintendo Platinum points. These can be exchanged for physical prizes at the My Nintendo website.

Be on the lookout for the distinctive packaging beginning on September 1 and running through December 31.

Enthusiasts, will you be eating away your sadness with a Lunchables meal and enter this cool giveaway? Are you saddened these Switch-themed boxes do not carry unique food, like a Splatoon 2 chicken cracker sandwich coated in pink and green dye? Let us know below!

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