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Nintendo is a brand that exists and likes to have its name slapped on other brands so that both brands can make money. Lunchables is largely the same. As such, Lunchables and Nintendo have partnered to provide you an opportunity to win a Nintendo Switch and associated products by buying specially marked Lunchables products (pictured above). Here’s how to do it, per PR:

  • Scan the QR code found on specially marked Lunchables or visit
  • Select an exclusive challenge to put your gaming skills to the test and find out if you’re a winner. You can choose from a catch, racing and pack-your-own-lunch challenge.
  • You can also find codes inside specially marked Lunchables and enter them on for a chance to win.

In addition to winning a Nintendo Switch by buying Lunchables, you can also win Switch carrying cases, Joy-Con controllers, and even digital game codes. One grand prize winner will receive a Nintendo Mystery Prize Pack worth $1,000.

“Powering kids’ creativity and helping them express their individuality is at the heart of everything Lunchables does,” said Katie Hunstad, associate director of marketing at Kraft Heinz.“Through our partnership with Nintendo, the Game Your Way program continues to fuel kids’ imaginations by encouraging them to build, stack, and play, not only with their favorite Lunchables, but with these exciting challenges as well.”

That sure is a lot of words to tell you to go buy Lunchables. Anyway, if you like the idea of Nintendo and food coming together, check out the Edible promotion it also has going on.

[Source: PR]

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