Previously, we brought you the word of an exceptional Pokémon trainer who completed the entirety of Sword and Shield with one Wooloo. It was an impressive feat for such a cuddly sheep. But could one of the most useless Pokémon, Magikarp, prevail against Leon, the champion of Galar? YouTuber PokeTips thought so and managed to best the undefeated titleholder using the adorable Water-type.

There is no longer a need to evolve Magikarp into Gyarados

Take a look at the high-stakes battle of wits between trainer and champ below, as well as all the prep needed for such an endeavor:

What a roller coaster. There is an attempt without a held item, then with one, and ultimately a successful run with a held item and a status boost object.

Unlike its appearance in prior titles, Magikarp can learn the powerful move, Hydro Pump, in Sword and Shield. It only has an 80% chance of landing, though, so a lot of luck goes into this thrilling encounter. Luckily, PokeTips makes it through in the end and conquers Leon. Haha, the undefeated champ got bested by a fish gasping for air!

Enthusiasts, would you attempt such a challenge in Sword and Shield? Is Magikarp your favorite Pokémon of all time? Let us know your responses below!

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