Dead Cells art book

Indie fave Dead Cells is getting an immaculate making-of art book, courtesy of publisher Third Editions. The tome is a combination of an art book, a behind-the-scenes look at the development of the game, and a history of the title’s lore.

Here is a summary of the book’s content:


Pages: 200
Cover: Hardcover
Format: 220 x 310
Language: English

Dead Cells art book

The book will come in two flavors: A regular edition and a collector edition. The standard will set you back $34.95, while the special version will cost $39.90. Seeing as how the collector edition comes with a fancy cover designed by Dead Cells artist Gwenael Massé and a dust jacket with the standard edition’s cover, it would be a crime not to spend $4.95 more for something lavish. Treat yourself!

Dead Cells art book

Gaze upon its beauty!

Pre-orders are live for both versions of The Heart of Dead Cells: A Visual Making of, with a projected February 2019 release. Please note that the only way to get the collector edition is online, so don’t get lost in your favorite bookstore looking for it, never to be seen again.

I have yet to play Dead Cells but I think the game looks stunning. I am also very interested in Third Editions’ work and was just planning on buying their Final Fantasy volumes. Looks like I have to add one more book to my list…

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