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What is it like to make a deal with Death? Next week Nintendo Switch owners will be able to find out when Perfectly Paranormal’s Manual Samuel hits the Nintendo Switch eShop on August 16. Published by Curve Digital, the adventure role-playing game centers around a man named Samuel who finds himself involved in a fatal car accident, and making a deal with Death for one more chance at life.

However, Samuel’s extra life comes at a bit of a cost as all of his bodily functions are no longer automatic, and are instead manual. If Samuel can make it through the day then he will receive the extra chance he so desperately covets, but it is up to players to guide him through his day as they are in control of all of his functions and movements. This includes blinking breathing, working and driving.

Now if you are wondering why Samuel has to go through so much for one more shot at life, let us just say arrogance is key. As the trailer above shows the game will include two-player co-op so you can split the Joy-Con and play with a friend. Manual Samuel was first released on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC back in 2016. During its original release, our sister site Xbox Enthusiast published a review for it.

When the game is released on the Switch next Thursday, it will cost $9.99. What stipulations and provisions would you want in your agreement with the Grim Reaper? Comment below!

Nick Battaglia
As a gamer with one arm, Nick strives to inform and showcase what it is like to play games from his point-of-view.  While his love for RPG's, fighters, and everything Nintendo is strong, the only thing stronger is his want to become the live-action version of Mega Man. Follow him on Twitter and Instagram @MercWithOneArm.


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