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On the weekend, we try to share some quirkier content. Usually, the aim is to delight and surprise the readership with something different. Today, however, the aim is basically to horrify you and make you question if humanity was one big evolutionary mistake. Instagram user @beeple_crap (real name Mike Winkelmann) is an extremely skilled graphic designer and artist who produces and shares a new piece of art or video practically every day. And often, that content gets weird — such as Super Mario becoming a giant nightmare monster holding a mutilated Toad while soldiers try to murder him. Oh, and there are some cutesy flying Goombas included for good measure.

Take a look! Then look up the number of a shrink, because you’re not gonna be sleeping easy for a while.

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It kind of feels like if Mario went full-on Tetsuo from Akira, right? Or maybe Mario got infected with some strain of virus from the later Resident Evil entries. Whatever happened to make Mario (and Toad, really) a nightmare monster, there’s no questioning that we are the real victims here.

Okay, all jokes aside, this is an incredible work of art from beeple / Mike Winkelmann, even if it’s absolutely insane. What do you make of it?


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