Mario Bros.

Being quarantined allows one to revisit the classics. And the original Mario Bros. is the definition of a vintage video game. Gamers who experience the title for the first time can come to appreciate all the advancements sequels made to its core formula. But what if you’re a pro at Mario Bros.? Recently, a pair of skilled individuals got together remotely to achieve a gargantuan high score in the 2-player mode.

2-player Mario Bros. requires you to not shove your ally into enemies

Professional Mario Bros. players Steven Kleisath and Stephen Boyer are both world record holders for the coin-op game. Since they had a lot of free time on hand due to the pandemic, they played an emulated copy of the title that integrates online co-op. Setting the dip switch settings to ‘Hardest’ and wasting the useful POW block at the start of every stage, the duo managed to obtain a score of 1,280,550 points:

Quite a feat! The team had to use speakerphones to coordinate, which makes this feat all the more impressive.

I wish I could play Mario Bros. as well as these two. However, I cannot ever get used to the awful skid Mario and Luigi have when they move. It’s like they are always walking on ice.

Enthusiasts, are you in awe of this huge score? How have you been passing the time in isolation? Let us know below.

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