Mario Bros.

If you had told five-year-old me that one day I’d be able to play Mario Bros. online with a friend, I’d tell you two things: “What is online?” and “You’re a raving lunatic.” Well, past me, turns out you’re wrong: Nintendo of Europe has just announced the title will launch with online co-op play this month on Nintendo Switch.

While many of us were guessing Switch’s online features would include co-op, it’s nice to see confirmation straight from Nintendo itself. No details were revealed regarding a release date for Mario Bros., but I’m guessing it will be revealed relatively soon.

Personally, I’m not a fan of the original Mario Bros. It’s slow, clunky, hasn’t aged well, and has been completely eclipsed by Mario’s later adventures. However, I might get a kick out of purposefully tricking my cousin, who lives miles away, by jumping under his platform and making him get bit by a turtle. The fact I can do that online now with such an old title is a marvel unto itself.

Anyone picking up Mario Bros. to play with your buds on the internet? Let us know down below!

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Arthur Damian
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