Mario KArt 64

Nintendo’s successor to Virtual Console, the decidedly weak Switch Online service, has been underwhelming thus far. Nearly three years into the Switch’s life, Nintendo’s retro offerings are the worst they’ve been since the GameCube days, limited to NES and SNES games. Sooner or later though, we should have Nintendo 64 games joining the subscription service. My guess is that they land this year, with a potential delay into next year if Nintendo decides to add GameBoy games instead and keeps waiting a year between system additions. The waiting has not been fun–N64 games are where the prospects of Switch Online get much more exciting. Many, many classics on the console are always ripe for a replay. If you could pick three of those games to land on Switch right away, which would they be?

Thinking purely from a feasibility standpoint, I have to imagine that the games would be limited to Nintendo’s own first-party titles–I can’t see anything by Rare outside of Donkey Kong 64 making the cut, even with Nintendo and Microsoft’s recent buddy status. Excluding third-party games and the work of Rare, I would select two highly-replayable games in Super Mario 64 and Star Fox 64, and then, so that something multiplayer is around, Mario Kart 64. If all bets were off and I could choose anything out of the Nintendo 64 library, I would grab Star Fox 64Banjo-Kazooie, and something like Goldeneye 007 or Diddy Kong Racing.

Nintendo 64 games will hopefully land on Switch Online sooner or later and slightly fill the void left by Virtual Console. Which three are you missing the most? While we wait, we’ve at least got a solid SNES library to work with, with a couple of new games landing next week.

Andrew Rockett
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