Mario Kart Hot Wheels to add Cat Peach, Diddy Kong, and more

Last year, Mario Kart Hot Wheels racing sets were introduced to the world. There are racing karts for some of the most common Nintendo characters, including Mario, Yoshi, Luigi, Bowser, and more, in addition to a few track sets. Now, Hot Wheels has teamed up with Nintendo again to add more racers to its lineup, including Cat Peach and Diddy Kong, plus more gliders.

During this year’s [email protected] video stream, Hot Wheels discussed what was next for the Mario Kart line. The company’s Chris Colangelo laid out their plans for two waves of new racers. There is Cat Peach driving a standard cart, and there is newly Diddy Kong driving a pipe frame cart.

Alongside these two new racers are expansions to the existing glider and Yoshi lines. The two new glider karts will be for Yoshi and Toad, following a “huge response” to the existing gliders. Finally, a wide selection of new Yoshi Hot Wheels variants will be releasing in the near future. Annoyingly, these will release as randomized packages, each containing one of eight new Yoshi colors along with a display egg.

Mario Kart Hot Wheels to add Cat Peach, Diddy Kong, and moreMario Kart Hot Wheels to add Cat Peach, Diddy Kong, and moreHot Wheels

Will you be picking up any of these new Mario Kart Hot Wheels designs? They are set to release in two waves, this fall and next spring.


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