update Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit launch trailer Velan Studios

Mario Kart is expanding into the living room, quite literally, with Velan Studios’ Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit. This augmented reality video game mash-up tasks you with transforming your living room into a kart racing circuit, with the help of a Nintendo Switch of course. The game has released today, Oct. 16, and Nintendo has shared a launch trailer.

While the trailer doesn’t show us anything brand new, it showcases a little more of the game in action. It also displays a few ways to set up courses around your home furniture, which might be quite the task for some users. It’s going to be worth it though — I mean, you can turn your home into Boo Fortress!

Thankfully, some videos released earlier this month to show off exactly how to set Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit up and what the game itself contains. As long as you pass through the four provided gates in the correct order, you can drive anywhere you like. The route you initially take will then become the track, which can be themed on memorable Mario Kart tracks of the past.

Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit is out now with a Mario and a Luigi set, each costing $99.99. Note that playing two-player requires a Nintendo Switch for each player, so plan accordingly.

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