Mario Kart Tour anniversary Mario Kart Tour 1st Anniversary Tour to bring five courses back

A little over a week ago, Nintendo celebrated the release of Super Mario 3D All-Stars in Mario Kart Tour. The Los Angeles Tour was a summery affair and contained customization content themed on Super Mario Sunshine. The mobile Mario Kart typically delivers a new tour every two weeks, and next week is no exception. However, we’ve had a little heads-up this time around, as the Mario Kart Tour 1st Anniversary Tour is coming.

To celebrate, Nintendo is bringing five courses back into track rotation. While the courses haven’t been specified, they are city tracks, so expect some of the previously released urban tracks to re-enter the fray. The limited-time event that comes along with it will be extended to last the full 14 days, with a “special lineup” of other content. If you’re a regular Mario Kart Tour player, it’s probably worth logging in during the anniversary. You’ll get some bonuses during the event for doing so.

Hopefully, the “special lineup” refers to meaningful new content being added. While bringing five city courses back is good news, it’d be a waste to bring little new to the table for the anniversary. Another throwback track or two maybe? We don’t have to wait too long to find out, as the Mario Kart Tour 1st Anniversary Tour goes live Oct. 6 / Oct. 7.


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