Mario Kart Tour Santa Mario

Mario Kart Tour just launched a new batch of content with its Winter Tour. Alongside new drivers, karts, and a new track, Mario Kart Tour is also revamping its controls. Three new characters are being added, with the first being Santa Mario, who is out right now. The Winter Tour is replacing the Paris Tour.

The control update affects steering and drifting in relation to the manual drift settings. Players can now drift effectively regardless of setting by swiping with manual drift off, or by tapping with it on. This will allow for more robust controls and, hopefully, a higher skill ceiling.

Santa Mario is bringing along Pink Gold Peach and Black Shy Guy, two not-so-festive drivers. Pink Gold Peach will be available on Dec. 4, while Black Shy Guy fans will have to wait till Dec. 18. Sadly, Santa Mario doesn’t deliver presents with his special ability – instead, he rains fire on his enemies. Pink Gold Peach has a coin-spawning Coin Box, while Black Shy Guy has a bob-omb cannon.

Finally, DK Pass from Mario Kart DS has been added as a new course. Among other classic returns is the Wild Wing Kart from Mario Kart Wii. Of course, Gold Pass players will be showered with extra holiday cheer and get the Radish Rider, a kart that helps out in slipstreams.

Mario Kart Tour‘s controls have often been a point of contention, so maybe those players will get some of what they had hoped for. The roster’s continual improvements are a big plus for me, so I hope I can get in on the holiday fun as well.


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