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A new update has dropped for Mario Kart Tour, bringing a Wild West theme to Mario Kart on mobile. The Wild West Tour is available now, once the latest version is installed. Two new drivers have been introduced, alongside a new track. Wario (Cowboy) and Nabbit from New Super Mario Bros. U are added to the character roster, alongside a new track, a transformed “Kalimari Desert 2” pulled from Nintendo 64.

Cowboy Wario is driving a new brown offroader vehicle, which is also making its debut in Mario Kart Tour. This being a mobile game, you’ll have to try your luck at RNG to get hold of the new characters like him and Nabbit. Whilst we’re not fans of this unlock method, it’s a trade-off for the game being free on iOS and Android. Thankfully, a recent update added frequently requested landscape mode support, so at least you can race in widescreen.

Whilst it’s neat to see more and more content come to Mario Kart Tour, we’d love to see Mario Kart 8 Deluxe get more updates. The Switch port of the latest console Mario Kart launched back in 2017 and has seen very little support since release. Hopefully, this is an indication that Nintendo might be working on a new mainline Mario Kart entry, but maybe that isn’t the case.

The Wild West Tour and that snazzy Kalimari Desert 2 track are available now for Mario Kart Tour.


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