Mario Kart Tour Summer Festival Tour adds a new Tokyo Blur

A recent video posted on the Nintendo Mobile YouTube channel outlined the next few weeks of content for Mario Kart Tour, debuting new characters, kart parts, and courses. If you’re up for four minutes of an incredibly grating Lakitu voice, check the video out below.

Most of the new content showed off in the video will launch during the Halloween Tour, which commenced yesterday. The update especially made significant updates to the roster. Mario Kart Tour players can now enjoy Luigi (finally), Baby Luigi, Waluigi, and a few other characters. Leaning hard into the hype for Luigi’s Mansion 3, the update also adds King Boo and the Luigi’s Mansion track.

In addition to those four characters, Halloween-themed Rosalina is also available. Other new tracks include Ghost Valley and an all-time great Mario Kart course, Waluigi Pinball. Finally, the update adds several new kart parts.

Have you been enjoying Mario Kart Tour, or did the paywalls (like the $40 price tag on Diddy Kong) prove too much to power through? I personally think that the game looks pretty fun, but I am not interested in contending with whatever monetary hoops I have to jump through to actually get to enjoy the game’s content.

Andrew Rockett
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