Mario Kart Tour Los Angeles Tour Dixie Kong Funky Kong Super Mario Sunshine

Every two weeks, Nintendo continues to deliver brand new events for Mario Kart Tour on mobile. From classic throwback tours to brand new tracks and karts, Mario Kart‘s first mobile outing continues to grow. The latest event is the Los Angeles Tour, which has a beachside summer vibe and provides some obvious nods to Super Mario Sunshine, in addition to adding Dixie Kong and Funky Kong.

Super Mario Sunshine, Mario’s divisive GameCube outing, got its first official re-release in Super Mario 3D All-Stars, a collection we’ve been enjoying quite a bit. Its reference in Mario Kart Tour relates to the event’s setting of course, but also some of the game’s new customization options.

The Los Angeles Tour brings a Super Mario Sunshine-themed variant of Mario. He’s rocking a turquoise shirt, which is adorned with a bunch of sunshine stars, items you collect in Super Mario Sunshine. There’s also the Surf Sailer kart and the Starchute glider, both available in the first week of the event.

When week two rolls around, things move toward Donkey Kong. In timing with the arrival of Donkey Kong Country 2 on Nintendo Switch Online, players will discover Dixie Kong, Funky Kong, the Bolt Buggy kart, the Offroader kart, the Pink Flower glider, and the Banana Wingtip glider in Mario Kart Tour.

The Mario Kart Tour Los Angeles Tour is live through Oct. 6.


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