Mario Kart Tour Mario vs. Luigi Tour

Mario Kart Tour has introduced a few different themed tours since the 1st Anniversary Tour last month. We’ve seen some Halloween content arrive with October’s spooky costumes and the return of Maple Treeway. After that, Nintendo reminded us that summer was well and truly over with the Sunset Tour, complete with the Sunset Wilds course. Now, the mobile Mario Kart is pitting brother against brother in the Mario vs. Luigi Tour.

It’s also mixing up the way races work for the event. All drivers will be split into two teams, depending on if you choose Mario or Luigi. Then coins are replaced with tokens throughout the courses, and whoever collects the most tokens wins. Nintendo reminds us that whomever you choose at the beginning of the tour, you have to stick with.

As is the norm, there’ll be some new content up for grabs in the Mario vs. Luigi Tour. The new trailer showcases a Builder Luigi variant, plucked right out of Super Mario Maker. Builder Mario is present for the tour too, although he’s appeared previously. There’s also an 8-Bit Luigi glider on show that looks absolutely glorious.

The Mario vs. Luigi Tour is live in Mario Kart Tour and runs for two weeks — are you Team Mario or Team Luigi?

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