Mario Kart Tour Pirate Tour adds King Bob-omb and pirate Bowser Jr. DS Airship Fortress

Mario Kart Tour gets a pirate update this week, with a new themed tour coming to the mobile game. The Pirate Tour is the latest addition, bringing a new theme along with a new character and skin. King Bob-omb and a feisty-looking, pirate-themed Bowser Jr. join the list of racers with this event. There’s also an appropriately themed pirate ship glider on board, bringing an additional cosmetic option. And perhaps most excitingly, Airship Fortress from Mario Kart DS returns, with a fresh coat of fiery Bowser paint.

The new Airship Fortress version looks a lot more sinister that its DS counterpart, setting an appropriately pirate-y mood. The rest of the tour will take place on existing Mario Kart Tour tracks, adding a splash of the high seas to the locations of Mario Kart Tour.

Late last month, Mario Kart Tour went to the Wild West, bringing a remixed version of a classic Nintendo 64 track. It’s great to see Nintendo update Mario Kart Tour so often, even if Mario Kart 8 Deluxe doesn’t get the same treatment. The last console entry recently reached a sales milestone and is the best-selling Switch game though, so maybe it’s no surprise Nintendo feel it’s fine as it is.

The Mario Kart Tour Pirate Tour is now live, along with King Bob-omb and pirate Bowser Jr.


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