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It looks like the winter theme is continuing for Mario Kart Tour, even as the Winter Tour event itself comes to a close, as the Rosalina Tour is next, beginning today. It brings new outfits for the character, along with the returning track of Rosalina’s Ice World from Mario Kart 7 on Nintendo 3DS. This one runs through the Christmas period.

Rosalina’s Ice World is looking nice ported up to HD in Mario Kart Tour, and it is suitably snowy for this time of year. What isn’t is the new Rosalina character variant. This new tour brings Fire Rosalina to the mix, her first appearance in Tour. This character joins returning Santa Bowser and Santa Mario skins, all of which are available via the game’s pipe system. The new trailer shows all of this in action, along with a variety of holiday-themed customization items that look to be returning from the Winter Tour too.

Mario Kart Tour continues to do a great job at adding fresh content to the game with the Rosalina Tour. There’s been a nice mix of returning tracks and brand new courses, and that trend continues here. Hopefully, Nintendo opts for a similar technique with its next mainline Mario Kart game.

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