Mario Kart Tour Summer Festival Tour adds a new Tokyo Blur

If you’re still keeping up with Mario Kart Tour on iOS and Android, the Summer Festival Tour has arrived. It is now live on mobile as the summer season’s end draws closer, and it brings some fresh content. There’s a new variant of the Tokyo Blur course to make your way around, along with a new character variant for Daisy.

Additionally, the older Tokyo Blur and Tokyo Blur 2 also return in this update from earlier versions of Mario Kart Tour. This third variant of Tokyo Blur is the first time we’ve seen a real world-inspired track since the London Loop tracks from the Baby Rosalina tour. A Daisy variant with the character wearing a yukata outfit is the new racer option for the Summer Festival Tour.

This summer festival event marks the 25th tour added to Mario Kart Tour, not bad for a game that’s not even a year old. Nintendo has provided a ton of support for its mobile Mario Kart entry, bringing players Christmas outfits, classic Mario Kart tracks, themed events, and more. There have also been multiple quality-of-life improvements like additional control and display options, proving fan requests have been heard.

The Mario Kart Tour Summer Festival Tour is all yours to cruise through now.

Ben Kerry
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