Mario Kart Tour Sunset Tour

As we move into November, many live-service games are wrapping up their Halloween-themed events. Mario Kart Tour is such a game, which delivers a new race tour every two weeks. A Halloween event with themed cosmetics and the return of the Maple Treeway course just wrapped up, and now the Mario Kart Tour Sunset Tour has arrived.

The Sunset Tour is live now in the mobile Mario Kart entry, bringing us some new content to play around with. The theme is oddly summery for this time of year, but maybe it symbolizes the summer season fading away. Who knows, but what we do know is that another classic track is being remade for this tour.

As our very own Andrew predicted last week, Sunset Wilds has returned from Mario Kart: Super Circuit, which released on Game Boy Advance in 2001. The launch trailer also showcases some new cosmetics, including a Peach Explorer variant and sunset cloud and balloon customization options.

Mario Kart Tour isn’t stopping with updates like the Sunset Tour, even as it passes its one-year anniversary. We’re expecting another big seasonal event soon, as Thanksgiving isn’t far away now. What would you like to see featured in a winter tour for Mario Kart Tour?

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