Mario Kart Tour Sunset Tour

Mario Kart Tour is wrapping up its Halloween Tour, which tossed tons of seasonally appropriate cosmetics to players and allowed racers to take on Maple Treeway. In its place, players can welcome the brand new Sunset Tour. We do not know very much about what that entails – in fact, we barely know anything. Check out the announcement tweet below from the official Mario Kart Tour Twitter account, and you will pretty much be caught up.

While we will certainly know more about the Sunset Tour in the next couple of days, or at 10 PM ET on November 3rd when the curtain rises, we can speculate just a little bit as to what this Mario Kart Tour event will contain. Looking at the image that the tweet provides, the track looks quite similar to a track from an older Mario Kart game – namely, Sunset Wilds, which is found in the series’ very first handheld entry, Mario Kart: Super Circuit. Check out a gameplay picture below and tell me if you think they line up.

Mario Kart Tour Sunset Wilds maybe

The sunset background, the sunset in the track name, the desert sand, and the scenic rocks all have me nearly positive that these two tracks are a match. However, even assuming that’s correct, we’re sure to get a bit more than just a single new track in the next Mario Kart Tour event. Whatever that amounts to, we’ll just have to wait and see.

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