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The next tour event has begun in Nintendo’s mobile Mario Kart Tour, and it celebrates the first Mario Kart game. Play as classic 16-bit Mario characters in the Super Mario Kart Tour, which pits pixel art characters against their modern counterparts for a case of old versus new. The two classic character variants are Mario and Donkey Kong Jr.

There’s something really cool about seeing these SNES characters race around modern tracks in three dimensions, and the two styles fit pretty seamlessly. There’s a classic kart coming too, as an “8-Bit Pipe Frame” is Classic Mario’s transport of choice. For now, 16-bit Donkey Kong Jr. uses a more modern-looking Donkey Kong kart.

This event marks Donkey Kong Jr.’s first involvement in the Mario Kart series since the Super Nintendo days. We hope that Nintendo continues to add more and more characters into Mario Kart Tour, ahead of what’s next for the main series. A Super Smash Bros. route of adding characters from tons of different franchises could be the way to go, essentially creating a crossover kart game. Different volumes of a kart pass for DLC characters? We’d take it.

The Super Mario Kart tour is now live in Mario Kart Tour.

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