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In terms of mobile gaming, nothing matters quite as much as numbers. Nintendo has basically had more hits than misses in this regard, and its most recent game, Mario Kart Tour, is Apple’s most downloaded game of 2019 so far. This is especially impressive considering that it’s only been out for three months! Looks like people are a fan of the gacha racer.

Sadly, Mario Kart Tour didn’t win any awards at yesterday’s Apple event in New York City. The top iPhone game award went to Sky: Children of the Light, and the iPad award went to Hyper Light Drifter.

While Mario Kart Tour was at the top of the most downloaded list for Top Free Games, Nintendo’s other games didn’t have as much of a showing. None of them even placed in the top 20 for any lists. Still, this Mario Kart showing is overall great news for Nintendo, a company that is still figuring out its mobile strategy. However, as I’ve said before, Mario Kart Tour is a great game, but I have a hard time being cool with its pay-to-win elements. As happy as I am to see a Nintendo mobile game do so well in the charts, I fear that it will lead to future games taking on a similar form of monetization.

Are you a fan of Mario Kart Tour? Do you still open it up for your dailies? Is Pink Gold Peach the greatest holiday gift Nintendo has ever given us? Let us know!


Dominick Ashtear


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