Mario Kart Tour winter tour merry mountain #merrymountain

Last week, Nintendo began teasing its Mario Kart Tour Winter Tour update, with images of a Christmas-themed location. Back then, we speculated on whether the track would be brand new or a remake, considering its resemblance to previous Mario Kart courses. Now, Nintendo has dropped a new trailer that confirms an original course.

Merry Mountain is a brand new track making its Mario Kart debut this month. Of course, the track is adorned with plenty of festive decorations, like candy cane street lights, present boxes, and Christmas trees. Merry Mountain is a real festive affair, and it’s great to see Nintendo create a unique track for the holiday season.

The upcoming Winter Tour doesn’t stop there. Santa Bowser features, along with a Holiday Cheer variant for Daisy, a Ribbon Rider kart, and more. All of the content within this tour is Christmas-themed of course, and Nintendo is offering up the chance to earn some coins right off the bat.

Mario Kart Tour winter tour merry mountain #merrymountain

If you take screenshots in Auto Mode on the new course and share them using the hashtag #MerryMountain, you’ll contribute to the gifted coins promotion: 10 times the total amount of posts will then be gifted as coins to all Mario Kart Tour players. There is a 5,000-coin limit though, effectively capping this promotion at 500 entries.

The Mario Kart Tour Winter Tour is now live.

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