Salivate over other players videos while you wait until Friday

Mario Kart TV is a fantastic way to watch and share all of your Mario Kart footage. With seamless YouTube integration, Mario Kart TV allows all of your favorite races to be shared on both YouTube and the Mario Kart TV website. Miiverse also plays an important role in this, allowing others to comment and like your videos.

While the game won\’t release officially until Friday the 28th, Mario Kart TV is now up and running. Head on over to the website by clicking here and checking out all the racing fun that you can expect to have when the game is released on May 28th. Be sure to head on over to our forums to link up with other Mario Kart 8 players to race with when the game is released. Are you picking this up on launch day? Let us know in the comments below!

Shawn Long
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