Mario Party Superstars trailer minigames full list

Mario Party Superstars, an all-star compilation of some of the franchise’s best boards and minigames from the first few entries, has finally had its full list of minigames unveiled through the game’s Japanese site. Reddit user u/Ok_Increase dove in and was able to compile the list, and even sorted the minigames by the Mario Party titles that they originally appeared in.

If you want to be surprised by the minigames in Mario Party Superstars, you should not scroll any further (and what were you doing in an article featuring the full list of minigames, anyway?). If you’re interested in seeing the list, however, then scroll on. It appears below just as u/Ok_Increase arranged it.

MP1: 12 Minigames

Mushroom Mix-up, Cast Aways, Hammer Drop, Face Lift, Piranha’s Pursuit, Bobsled Run, Tug o’ War, Handcar Havoc, Tipsy Tourney, Shy Guy Says, Crazy Cutters, Bombs Away

MP2: 19 Minigames

Look Away, Quicksand Cache, Sneak ‘n’ Snore, Roll Call, Bowser’s Big Blast, Cake Factory, Speed Hockey, Slot Car Derby, Mecha Marathon, Balloon Burst, Shell Shocked, Hot Rope Jump, Bumper Balls, Honeycomb Havoc, Bumper Balloon Cars, Sky Pilots, Dizzy Dancing, Archer-ival, Dungeon Dash

MP3: 24 Minigames

Rockin’ Raceway, River Raiders, Storm Chasers, Puddle Paddle, Tidal Toss, Parasol Plummet, Etch n Catch, Messy Memory, Ticktock Hop, Boulder Ball, Picking Panic, Vine With Me, Spotlight Swim, Ice Rink Risk, Hide and Sneak, Mario’s Puzzle Party, Chip Shot Challenge, Cheep Cheep Chase, Coconut Conk, Bounce n Trounce, Motor Rooter, Mush Pit, Eatsa Pizza, Snowball Summit

MP4: 8 Minigames

Money Belts, Paths of Peril, GOOOOOOOAL!!, Trace Race, Beach Folley Volley, Booksquirm, Dungeon Duos, Revers-a-Bomb

MP5: 10 Minigames

Coney Island, Night Light Fright, Bill Blasters, Ice Hockey, Squared Away, Later Skater, Dinger Derby, Pushy Penguins, Leaf Leap, Tube it or Lose It

MP6: 12 Minigames

Burnstile, Rocky Road, Mass Meteor, Dark ‘n Crispy, Trap Ease Artist, Cashapult, Money Belt, Block Star, Pit Boss, What Goes Up…, Catch You Letter, Snow Whirled

MP7: 6 Minigames

The Final Countdown, Stick and Spin, Spin Doctor, Pogo a Gogo, Month’s Revenge, Pokey Pummel

MP8: 2 Minigames

Winner or Dinner, Paint Misbehavin

MP9: 4 Minigames

Goomba Spotting, Tackle Takedown, Manor of Escape, Shell Soccer

MP10: 3 Minigames

Skewer Scurry, Flash Forward, Rapid River Race

The full list of minigames for Mario Party Superstars is pretty enticing and seems to have a great spread of classics from across the series, with an emphasis on the early titles that diehard fans are sure to appreciate. With 100 minigames (20 more than Super Mario Party) and a focus on grabbing the best of the best, Mario Party Superstars has a chance to seriously impress.

Are you excited for Mario Party Superstars? What do you think of the final minigame list? See any favorites? Let us know what you think in the comment section below.

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