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During Nintendo’s E3 2021 Direct back in June they unveiled a new Mario Party game. Mario Party Superstars is a celebration of the series focused on popular boards and minigames from past entries. Nintendo previously announced that it would feature five game boards, including Peach’s Birthday Cake and Space Land. Today, they revealed the remaining three boards during the Nintendo Direct. Check out the reveal trailer by clicking below!

Mario Party Superstars trailer


Three more returning boards

The three returning boards shown off for Mario Party Superstars today are Woody Woods, Yoshi’s Tropical Island, and Horror Land. In Woody Woods, where Monty Moles will change the board’s direction when you least expect it. Travel between two islands in Yoshi’s Tropical Island. Toadette’s got the star, but she might swap places with bowser at the last second Party day and night in Horror Land. The King Boo statue is harmless during the day, but at night, it’ll swipe stars from unsuspecting players.

If you’re sick of full boards, you can switch things up with a trip to Mt. Minigame. Here you’ll find seven courses made up entirely of minigames. You can compete with other players online from around the world for the longest win streak in Survival. You can also work together with other players in the cooperative multiplayer Tag Match.


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