Mario Party Superstars trailer minigames full list

Nintendo’s official Japanese YouTube account just uploaded a three-minute “introduction trailer” for Mario Party Superstars. Give it a watch below.

We are still about a month away from Mario Party Superstars, but a new trailer like this one is still very exciting to see. Seeing so many classic minigames and boards completely rebuilt is quite refreshing and quite tantalizing.

Mario Party Superstars will launch on Switch on October 29. A love letter to the series’ best days, the game packs in 100 minigames from throughout the series history, and revives five classic boards from the Nintendo 64 originals. We recently learned the full minigame list, and we’re quite excited about Nintendo’s selections (even if a few favorites were left off). Through a separate trailer, we’ve also seen the bulk of the classic Nintendo 64 boards that were revived for the game.

How did you like the introduction trailer for Mario Party Superstars? Are you excited for the game? What minigames are you most excited to play first? Are you happy with the board selections? Tell us everything you’re thinking about Mario Party Superstars in the comment section below, and then join us in waiting for October 29. I love me some classic Mario Party, so this one cannot get here soon enough.

Andrew Rockett
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