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3D Mario games are among the medium’s best, often remembered alongside some of gaming’s proudest and most momentous occasions. Super Mario 64 is inextricably linked with the rise of 3D gaming, and Super Mario Galaxy rang in Wii-mania. Super Mario Odyssey and Super Mario Galaxy 2 are just flat-out masterpieces, and even the less universally-praised titles (Super Mario Sunshine, Super Mario 3D Land, and Super Mario 3D World) have their diehard fans. Outside of Super Mario Galaxy 2 and Super Mario 3D World, though, there are almost no sequels in this franchise. The developers always seem ready to move onto their next big idea, resulting in huge changes in gameplay and design. In my book, Nintendo has nailed it every time, but I do find myself wishing that they had somehow been able to squeeze a little more out of these concepts before jumping to the next project. Which 3D Mario game would you pick to receive a sequel?

I’m torn on this one. The 3D Mario series is my favorite of all time, and I love every game within it. The two sequels in the franchise are perfectly honed advancements of their predecessors’ formulas. I would love to see what could be done in a return to Isle Delfino, another heart-capturing go-around with Cappy, or even another universe-spanning adventure or one more cooperative linear platformer. All things considered, though, I have to narrowly go with Super Mario Sunshine. FLUDD, the tropical setting, and a focus on stuff like graffiti and haphazardly hidden blue coins make Super Mario Sunshine my favorite Nintendo game and the most rewarding blind 100% I’ve ever achieved. They don’t make games like Super Mario Sunshine anymore, in that I don’t see a sequel bringing back many of the quirks and weirdly fun-but-bad design choices that I love so much, but I really hope we haven’t seen the last of Isle Delfino.

Which 3D Mario game would you love to see a sequel for? Do you need more Super Mario Odyssey in your life? Are you hoping for Super Mario Sunshine 2 like I am? What about Galaxy 3 or even an old-school 64-2? Let us know in the comments!

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