Throwing his shield up may have gotten it broken, so Lucario elects for an alternative defensive option to combat Marth. In today’s official Smash Bros. update, we get another look at Lucario’s down-b special, Double Team.


\”Pic of the day. You missed me, because you attacked my illusory copy from my Double Team move!\”

We\’re not sure why Double Team works in this way in Smash, but that’s what it does. Activate Double Team and if an opponent lands an attack, Lucario will dodge it and deliver damage upon re-entry to our physical plane. Use it too early or too late, however, and you\’ll be a sitting duck for another attack.

On the other hand, we see Marth using his neutral b special, Shield Breaker, which returns as its Brawl incarnation. Marth will be able to deliver devastating shield pokes in an attempt to break an opponent’s shield, but as it was in Brawl, it still retains its telegraphic properties. You\’ll have to be clever to successfully land a shield breaker on a wary opponent.

This is also yet another time we get a screenshot from the new boxing ring stage, which has yet to be claimed as a home stage for a particular character.



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