Not one of his most prominent moves, but still worth catching an opponent off-guard with or capitalizing on a low enemy shield, Marth’s Shield Breaker has nonetheless received a buff in today’s official Super Smash Bros. update.


\”Pic of the day. There weren\’t a lot of people who used the Shield Breaker to break people’s shields, so we\’ve now made it much more powerful. This pic is immediately after a shield break.\”

As per usual, Sakurai is quite vague as to what he means by adding power to the move. Is he referring to the amount of charge that is required to break a full shield? The power of the move solely upon shields or the power of the move overall? Does this include a change to the move’s start-up or ending lag, as well? The picture’s caption is of little help.

At least we can confirm that if the move is successful in a shield break, your opponent will remain stunned briefly while stars orbit above. This little effect will apparently apply to any shield break and not just a shield break brought upon by a successful Shield Breaker attempt from Marth.


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