Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Marvel film stuntmen

The hype train for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate continues on, not even a week after the game’s release. A group of stuntmen who have been in Marvel films created a tribute to the popular Nintendo franchise. The result is a three-minute YouTube video showing a real-life Smash battle — and it’s pretty sweet.

You know when real stuntmen and special effects are involved that it’s going to be good, and they did not disappoint. The tribute was directed by content creator Micah Moore. The men who bring the characters of Link, Ness, Mario, and Captain Falcon have worked on films such as Avengers: Endgame, Avengers: Infinity War, and The Walking Dead.

Smash Bros. IRL

The attention to detail is quite impressive, using the actual character sounds from the game and soundtracks. I also like how they include some of the items such as the bomb Link can utilize, Ness’ baseball bat, etc. I loved it when Captain Falcon grabs Mario’s mustache and throws him with it. The video already has over 75,000 views. Kudos to this team for putting together such a neat tribute to the game that leaves me wanting to see more. So fellow Smash Bros. players, do not try this at home — unless you are certified stuntmen, of course!


Tarah Bleier


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